Seeking Arrangement CEO offers to pay for abortions

Seeking Arrangement CEO offers to pay for abortions

The founder of the sugar dating website Seeking Arrangement offers to pay for abortions for women who need to travel to states where abortions are legal.

Brandon Wade, who is the founder and CEO of the sugar dating site, announced in a video that he and his Alabama-native girlfriend Zoe Glaze are creating a charity called “Fighting Against Poverty”.

If lawmakers will not step in and help these desperate women, I will.

– Brandon Wade

The charity will help to cover the travel and abortion expenses for women who need to do the abortion in neighbouring states.

Brandon Wade is creating a charity due to the Alabama abortion ban.

“My girlfriend Zoe, and her sister Camille, both from Gadsden, Alabama, wept that day. As did millions of other women worldwide”, Wade said in the video.

He also explained how his girlfriend enlightened him on why women just don’t travel to other states to make the abortion: “Many simply can’t afford to do so, she said. Alabama’s anti-abortion law is designed to hurt the weakest and poorest amongst us”.

We will provide women and families who cannot afford to provide for themselves, travel out of their home state to access proper healthcare and exercise their right to a choice.

– Brandon Wade

The charity is expected to be launched in the near future.

Brandon Wade and his girlfriend Zoe.

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