Seeking Arrangement reviews

Seeking Arrangement Review

Sugar Daddy Sites review
Sugar Daddy review check  The Sugar Daddy Dating site
Sugar Daddy review check  Large numbers of Sugar Babies
Sugar Daddy review check  Free Premium membership for women in college
Pros Sugar Daddy review pros
  • More Sugar Babies than Sugar Daddies
  • The search and filter feature
  • Low numbers of fake profiles
  • Clean and elegant design
  • Verification system
Cons Sugar Daddy review cons
  • Premium membership is a bit costly
  • No iOS app
Seeking Arrangement (known as “Seeking” nowadays”) is the most complete Sugar Daddy dating website on the internet. The dating site has been around since 2006, and has the most members of all Sugar Daddy dating websites. No matter if you are a Sugar Daddy, Sugar Momma or Sugar Baby, you’ll have great chances to find the one at Seeking Arrangement.

Seeking Arrangement (2021)

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Megan Martin
January 4, 2021

1. Overview

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Free version


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In this Seeking Arrangement review, we’ll cover and explain all the necessary features, the costs, the Free vs Premium plan, how to verify your profile, pros, cons etc.

Seeking Arrangement was founded in 2006 by the entrepreneur Brandon Wade (who also founded What’s Your Price a few years later). The site is now the largest dating site for Sugar dating, with over 20 million members.

The idea behind the dating site is to establish mutually beneficial relationships (both short-term and long-term) between successful Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mommas and attractive Sugar Babies.

The dating site is suited for Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mommas, and both male and female Sugar Babies. It doesn’t matter if you’re straight or gay; you’ll have a good chance to match with your potential sugar dating partner regardless of your sexual orientation.

Seeking Arrangement has over 20 million members all over the world, and over 10 million active members in the US.


Members 20M+
Free version Yes
Visitors 8.3M/month
App Yes (Android)
Premium cost From 79.95$/month

2. Costs and Prices

You can sign up to Seeking Arrangement for free and use the dating site for as long as you want without paying a single penny.

The free membership gives you some basic features, but you’ll feel somewhat limited after a while. For example, as a Sugar Daddy, you won’t be able to read or send messages without a Premium membership.

If you want access to all features of the website (more on that later in this review) you should upgrade to a Premium membership.

The price for a Premium membership for Sugar Daddies (2021) is:
Time Per month Total
1 month 89.95$ 89.95$
3 months 79.95$ 239.85$
Seeking Arrangement review pricing

You can pay with credit card, debit card or gift card.

Remember that the auto renewal can be canceled at anytime. Just log in to your account, click on your profile, and hit the “Cancel auto-renewal”-button.

When it comes to Sugar Babies, the cost for a Premium membership is:

Time Per month Total
1 month 19.95$ 19.95$
3 months 14.95$ 44.85$

If you are a Sugar Baby, you’ll be able to read and send messages to other members – even as a Free member.

In short – it’s more important for Sugar Daddies to upgrade their membership than it is for Sugar Babies. However, there are multiple benefits of becoming a Premium member even as a Sugar Baby. More on that later in this review.
Pro Tip: If you’re a Sugar Baby – you’ll get a Premium membership for free if you sign up with your university email address (often ends with .edu).

We believe that the price for the Premium membership is a bit costly. Still, we do believe that it’s worth the price: you’ll get access to the best Sugar dating site – and to be fair, 80-90$ won’t be a problem for the average Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma.

Remember that in most cases, you don’t need to stay on a Sugar Daddy dating site for too long. In our opinion, 1 – 3 months is often enough time to find a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby.

3. Sign up

The signup process is very simple and takes about 5 minutes.

You’ll provide information about yourself, who you’re interested in and what kind of relationship you’re looking for.

It’s completely free to sign up, and you don’t have to enter any credit card information. If you want to upgrade your membership, you can do that later on.

The first thing you have to do in the sign up process is to declare if you’re a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby, and who you’re interested in.

After you have picked your username and profile picture (not mandatory in this stage), you’ll specify your age, location, height, body type, and ethnicity:

Seeking Arrangement review signup
Pro Tip: Remember that you can choose the “Or skip for now”-option. You can always go back and change the information later.

Then there are some questions about your financial situation, level of education, and your smoking and drinking habits.

After that, you’ll specify what you are seeking in a relationship.

Seeking Arrangement review signup relationship
And that’s pretty much it! Remember that nothing is set in stone – you can always go back and change the information/username/profile picture you have entered in the sign up process.
Pro Tip: You don’t have to connect to Facebook, Instagram or any other social media when you sign up. An email address is enough!

4. Profile example

When you visit a profile on Seeking Arrangement, you’re presented with the following information (among others):

  • Profile picture
  • Personal information
  • About me-text
  • What they’re seeking
  • Recent activity
  • Verification badges
  • Recent location

Here is a screenshot of a profile example on Seeking Arrangement:

Seeking Arrangement review example profile

5. Free version

You can definitely use Seeking Arrangement for free. You can sign up and use it for as long as you want without having to pay at all.

The most obvious downside is the limitation of the messaging features. You need to be a Premium member if you want to interact with other members of the dating site (at least if you’re a Sugar Daddy).

But if you just want to try it out without having to pay – go for it! Sign up and discover the site on your own. The search and filter feature is working even for free members, which is great.

Seeking Arrangement review free version

So – spend some time searching and filtering members, and upgrade to Premium if you find potential partners who seems interesting.

Pro Tip: If you’re a Sugar Baby, you can send messages even if you have a free membership. However, it requires that you have a 100% completed profile with at least one approved public photo.

6. Premium version

You get multiple benefits when you upgrade to a Premium membership.

In our opinion, the most important advantage is that you can start receive and send messages to anyone you want. The website gets way more useful (obviously) as soon as you can interact with other people on the dating site.

Here is a screenshot with some of the benefits of a Premium membership:

Seeking Arrangement review premium

So, here are the biggest benefits of upgrading your membership to Premium:

  • Messaging. You can reply and send messages to anyone you want. Unlimited.
  • Privacy. You can hide a lot of information about yourself, such as online status, join date, last login country and more. You can also hide yourself from the search.
  • Featured. You’ll get higher up in the search result.
  • No public photo. You can be active and contact people without having a public profile photo of yourself.
  • Multiple locations. You can have up to three different locations.
  • Message notice. You can see if a person has read your message.
  • Premium or free. You can see weather a member has a free or Premium membership.
  • Inbox filters. You can filter out messages from people you have no interest in.
Here is a screenshot of the inbox filter feature:
Seeking Arrangement review inbox filter

As you can see, you can filter out messages by the following:

  • Age
  • Distance from you
  • Ethnicity
  • Body type
  • Short messages
  • Messages with certain keywords
  • Height
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Children
Conclusion: the cost of 80-90$/month is totally worth it. You’ll increase your chances to succeed dramatically if you have a Premium membership at Seeking Arrangement.
But – you should start as a free member and discover the site by yourself at first. Upgrade to Premium as soon as you feel the website will help you with your dating!
P.S. It definitely will.
Pro Tip: As a Sugar Baby, one big advantage of being a Premium member is that you can search and filter on income and net worth.

Diamond Membership 💎

There is also a Diamond Membership that you can get after you have met certain criteria.

Here are the benefits of the Diamond membership:

  • Your profile will get displayed higher in search
  • You’ll get up to 20 times more responses from other members
  • You’ll get featured as a Diamond Club Member
  • You’ll get a Diamond badge

You’ll also have all the benefits of the Premium membership. To become a Diamond member, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

  • You have to be a Premium member for at least two consecutive months
  • You must have your Background check verified

After you’ve been a Premium member for two months, you’ll see “Upgrade to Diamond” on your dashboard. When you see it – submit an application.

If you’re planning to stay on the website for more than two months, we definitely recommend you to apply to the Diamond Membership Club. It sure will help you with your dating.You

7. Search and filter

One of all advantages with Seeking Arrangement is the extensive search and filter feature.

You don’t have to be Premium member to use this feature.

You can search and filter all members by several criteria. Some of them are:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Distance
  • Body type
  • Ethnicity
  • Height
  • Hair color
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Education
  • Children

Here is a screenshot of the search and filter bar:

Seeking Arrangement review search filter

As you can see, you can filter by location and distance. This way, you can find potential dating partners in any city of the world.

In addition to the basic filter, Sugar Babies with a Premium membership can filter by the following data:

  • Income
  • Net worth
  • Profile text
  • Relationship status
Here is a screenshot of the filter for Sugar Babies. As you can see, income, net worth and profile text requires a Premium membership.
Seeking Arrangement review income filter

8. App

Seeking Arrangement review app

Seeking Arrangement also exists as an app that you can download on your phone. Right now, the app is only available on Android (Google Play), and not on iOS. If you have an iPhone – we recommend you to use the web browser on your phone. Seeking Arrangement is responsive, and works perfectly on any device: desktop, tablet and phone.

So – if you want to use Seeking Arrangement on your phone, the easiest way is to open up your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc).

We find the swipe feature to be the best thing about the app. This is a popular and fun way to find singles near you. Left, right, left, right…

This is what the Seeking Arrangement website looks like on your mobile phone:

Seeking Arrangement reviews mobile

9. Design

The design of Seeking Arrangement is up-to-date, elgegant and minimalistic. The UX (user experience) is also excellent, and every aspect of the website is clear and straightforward (including the sign up process).

The responsiveness of the website makes it easy to use it on all kind of devices.

The website is white and light grey, with some red and dark grey elements. All in all, the web design and user experience is excellent and we have no complaints at all.

10. Safety and scam

Seeking Arrangement has an extensive verification system that helps prevent fake profiles and bots. We would say that the verification system is the best of all Sugar Daddy websites we have tried.

Seeking Arrangement review verification

As you can see, you can verify your profile in several ways:

  • Age verification
  • Photo verification
  • Income verification
  • Social media verification (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Background check

When you visit a profile, you can see their verification badges. This is what it looks like:

Seeking Arrangement review verification badge
Pro Tip: Get as many verification badges as possible. This will imply that you are serious and that the information in your profile is correct. Trustworthiness is key!

Sugar Dating sites and dating sites overall, unfortunately tend to have some fake profiles.

Of our own experience, the amount of fake profiles on Seeking Arrangement is very small.

On this subject, we did our own experiment: we created a fake Sugar Baby profile, and uploaded a generic profile picture found online. But after a while we got an email stating that our profile photo was denied:

Seeking Arrangement review fake profile

We got the email only 1 hour after the photo was uploaded. Thumbs up for that!

Pro Tip: Seeking Arrangement are using SSL-certificates (HTTPS) on the whole website – this means that all your information and transactions will always be encrypted.

Speaking of security, we also want to say that it’s always easy to report and block a member.

Just enter their profile, click the button with the three dots, and then choose “Block” or “Report”:

Seeking Arrangement review report

11. Customer support

Seeking Arrangement has in our opinion a great customer support. You can email them or use the contact form while logged in. The email address is

Usually you’ll get a reply in 24 hours. When we tried their customer support, we got an email back in only two hours.

Seeking Arrangement also has an extensive FAQ section, where they answer all questions you might have about the website: features, photos, membership, payments etc.

Unfortunately, you can’t reach their customer support by phone.

12. FAQ

Yes and no. There is a free version, but you need to upgrade to a Premium membership if you want to use all the features.

The standard membership is free, but the Premium membership costs 89.95$ for one month, and 79.95$ per month if you sign up for 3 months.

Yes, Seeking Arrangement is a complete legit sugar dating site.

The e-mail address is

Yes, you have to be at least 18 years old.

13. Summary

Sugar Daddy Sites review
Easy to use 100%
Features 100%
Free version 100%
Members 100%
Price 90%

Seeking Arrangement is with no doubt the most complete Sugar dating website on the internet. The amount of members is vast: more Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies than anywhere else. You’ll also have access to several useful features. The cost of 80-90$ / month is definitely worth it. Remember that you can sign up for free and discover the site on your own.

All in all, Seeking Arrangement is the Test Winner of 2021!