Sugar Dating glossary

Sugar Dating Glossary (Complete List 2019)

SB, POT, STA, Splenda? If you’re new into Sugar Dating, there are definitely a lot of terms, acronyms and abbreviations that you might be unfamiliar with.

But don’t worry, we’ll help you with the definitions and meanings of the Sugar Dating terminology.

Here is a complete list with all terms and slang that are common among Sugar Daters!


SDSugar Daddy
SBSugar Baby
SMSugar Momma/Sugar Mommy
SRSugar Relationship
SASeeking Arrangement
SD/SBSugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship
SB/SDSugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationship
LTALong Term Arrangement
M&GMeet and Greet
NSANo Strings Attached
POTPotential Sugar Daddy
PPMPay Per Meet
STAShort Term Arrangement



The negotiated relationship between a Sugar Daddy (or Sugar Momma) and a Sugar Baby (or Sugar Pup)

Sugar Daddy

A wealthy man who is financial supporting a younger woman in exchange for her time and companionship

Sugar Baby

A young woman who is pampered by a Sugar Daddy

Sugar Pup

A male Sugar Baby

Sugar Momma

The female version of a Sugar Daddy

Splenda Daddy

A wannabe Sugar Daddy who isn’t wealthy enough to be a Sugar Daddy

Sugar Bowl

A word to describe the sugar dating lifestyle

Salt Daddy

A fake Sugar Daddy, lying about his wealth

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