Whats Your Price review

What's Your Price Review

Sugar Daddy sites reviews
Sugar Daddy review check  Popular and groundbreaking dating concept
Sugar Daddy review check  Simplifying dating – make bids on dates
Sugar Daddy review check  More than 3 million members since 2010
Sugar Daddy review check  Get paid to go on dates
Pros Sugar Daddy review pros
  • Large amount of men and women
  • Advanced search feature
  • Clean and clear design
  • Few fake profiles
  • Quick first dates
Cons Sugar Daddy review cons
  • A bit expensive credits
  • No app
What’s Your Price is a unique dating website founded in 2010. The idea behind the dating site is quite simple: successful singles (most often men) bid on dates with attractive singles (most often women). This is reducing the workload it normally takes to get an actual date. If you have tried regular online dating with little or no luck, we highly recommend you to try What’s Your Price.

What's Your Price (2021)

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Megan Martin
January 4, 2021

1. Overview

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In this What’s Your Price review we’ll go through pricing, profiles, how the site works, and what you should know before you sign up.

What’s Your Price was founded in 2010 by Brandon Wade, who also founded the sugar dating site Seeking Arrangement.

This is how What’s Your Price works: successful singles (most often men) make bids on dates with attractive singles (most often women) – similar to an auction.

This unique dating concept is simplifying online dating in many ways. If you’ve had enough of regular dating, What’s Your Price might suit you better.

Note that What’s Your Price isn’t an actual sugar dating site. However, the amount of successful and attractive singles is large on the site – therefore it needs to be on our list of the Best Sugar Daddy websites in 2021.

Here is a short tutorial made by Whats Your Price:


Members 3M+
Free version Yes
Visitors 1.3M/month
App No
Premium cost Credits from 50$

2. Costs and Prices

Most sugar dating sites has “freemium” pricing model: a free version with limited access, and a Premium version with full access. What’s Your Price is a bit different.

It’s completely free to sign up and create your own profile. However, to make bids on dates, you need to buy credits. Here is the cost to buy credits on What’s Your Price:

Credits Price Credit per $1
100 credits 50$ 2 credits per $1
450 credits 150$ 3 credits per $1
1000 credits 250$ 4 credits per $1
Here is a screenshot of the credits cost:
Whats Your Price review credits price

In our opinion, the price for credits is bit expensive. However – it’s not much if it leads you to the right one.

Our recommendation is like always: sign up for free, create your profile, upload a good photo of yourself, and start look for potential dating partners. Only buy credits after you’ve found someone interesting to bid on.

Pro Tip: If you’re the one who receives bids (women) – just sign up and wait for the bids to roll in!

3. Sign up

The sign up process is very simple and straightforward.

You have to pick your gender, and if you’re the one who bids on dates, or receive bids on dates:

What's Your Price review sign up

After that, you only have to fill in a username, email address, passwords and birthday:

Whats Your Price review sign up username

Then you’re good to go! A confirmation email is sent to your email address.

Now you’re logged in – you can search for members and discover the site on your own. However, we recommend you to complete your profile soon as possible: write an About me-text, upload a photo and provide some information about yourself.

Under “Profile info”, you can edit and add the profile information. Here are som of the information that you can provide:

  • What you’re looking for (long-term, casual, discreet affair etc.)
  • Location
  • Height
  • Body type
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Income

Here is a screenshot of some of the personal info fields:

Whats Your Price review personal information
Pro Tip: Take a few minutes to write a compelling “About me”-text, upload a profile photo and fill in the personal data about yourself. This will make your profile look more reliable and trustworthy.

4. Profile example

You’ll see a lot of personal information when you visit a member on What’s Your Price. Here are some of the information you’ll see:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Photos
  • About me
  • My ideal first date
  • Interested in
  • Body type
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Income

Some of the members also has private photos. You’ll see the private photos when you’ve started to interact (wink, offer, counter-offer etc).

Here are two profile examples from What’s Your Price:

Whats Your Price profile examples
Whats Your Price review profile examples

5. Free version

As said, What’s Your Price has a slightly different pricing model than other dating sites. It’s completely free to sign up for anyone. When you’ve signed in, you have full access to the website.

This is what you can do as a member (without any credits):

  • Search and filter. You can use the advanced search and filter feature to find potential dating partners.
  • Favorites. You can add members to your list of Favorites.

However, if you want to start communicate and go on dates, you need to buy some credits.

6. Premium version


There is no Premium membership on What’s Your Price. Instead, you need to buy credits to start a conversation.

In short – before you can start a conversation, you need to have an accepted offer. When you have that, the bidding person (the man) can use credits to unlock the ability to start communicate.

So, how many credits do you need to start a conversation? Well, it depends on the price of the date:

Date Price Credits
5$ - 49$ 10 credits
50$ - 99$ 15 credits
100$ - 20% of date amount

So, to make it clear:

  • If the date price is between 5$ – 49$, you need 10 credits to start communicating.
  • If the date price is between 50$ – 99$, you need 15 credits to start communicating.
  • If the date price is 100$ or more, then it’s 20% of the date amount.

For example: if the date price is 100$, it will be 20 credits. If the price is 200$, it will be 40 credits etc.

Here is the price for the credits:

Whats Your Price review credits price

Conclusion: We believe that this way of online dating is reasonable and pragmatic. It will definitely help people to go out on actual dates.

The downside is that it can be costly if the date prices are high. But even for 50$ you can go on 5-10 dates (depending on the date price). We do recommend you to sign up for free, and give this way of dating a chance.

P.S. Remember that you can’t communicate until you have sent an offer and unlocked the ability to send messages. So make it clear in your profile what you’re looking for and your expectations.

Pro Tip: Note that What’s Your Price isn’t involved in the payment of the date. The person who make bids (the man) is expected to pay, often cash, to the other person on the first date.

7. Search and filter

What’s Your Price has a quite advanced search and filter feature, and anyone who has signed up on the website can use it.

Here are some of the search filters:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Distance
  • Looking for
  • Height
  • Education
  • Children
  • Profile keywords

Here is a screenshot of the filters:

What's Your Price review search filter

8. App

What’s Your Price has unfortunately no app. The website is however responsive and works great on every device: desktop, tablet and phone.

Just open your favorite web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) and you’re good to go!

This is what What’s Your Price looks like on a phone:

Whats Your Price review mobile
Whats Your Price review mobile search

9. Design

The design and user experience on What’s Your Price is great. All features (sign up, filter, payments etc.) are straightforward and easy to use.

The colors of the website is consistently blue and white, with some grey and black elements. It feels modern and minimalistic in many ways.

We have no complaints on either the desktop or mobile version of the website.

10. Safety and scam

Our opinion is that What’s Your Price is very safe and secure, even though it lacks a verification system.

We get the feeling that scammers and fake profiles are very low in numbers. Every single profile that signs up on What’s Your Price is manually reviewed before approval, which is a great thing.

As a member on What’s Your Price, you have to follow the guidelines:

Whats Your Price reviews guidelines

You have to be at least 18 years old to use What’s Your Price. If you would suspect anyone to be under the age of 18, you can report them.

Just enter their profile, and click the blue “Report” button to the right. You can also report or block a member of any other reason as well:

Whats Your Price reviews block report

11. Customer support

What’s Your Price has a customer support that will help you with everything related to the website. The email address is support@whatsyourprice.com

You can also check out their FAQ section where they answer several questions about payments, credits, membership etc.

Unfortunately, you can’t reach the customer support by phone.

12. FAQ

What’s Your Price is a dating site where men bid on dates with women. More or less like a dating auction.

Yes, What’s Your Price is a complete legit dating site.

You can send an email to support@whatsyourprice.com

Your have to be at least 18 years old.

Go to “Settings” and then click the “Deactivate Your Account” button.

The bidding partner (the man) is expected to pay the receiving partner (the woman) on the first date, usually in cash. What’s Your Price is not involved in the payment.

13. Summary

Sugar Daddy sites reviews
Easy to use 100%
Features 90%
Free version 95%
Members 95%
Price 90%

What’s Your Price is one of the most innovative dating sites in 2021. The whole concept of making bids on dates is pretty unique but still very pragmatic. If you’ve tried regular dating before, we highly recommend you to try What’s Your Price. The only downside: it could get pricey in the long run (depending on how many dates you’re going to).

Sign up for free and give “auction dating” a chance!